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Your data, in your hands. You alone decide what happens with your personal data. helix id is made for you.

Cryptography makes it happen

New gen data protection. Your data is individually encrypted and protected by blockchain technology.

More than just an app

1-click registration and an integrated marketplace make your digital life simple.

Always by your side

Your digital self in one app. Available at all times. Secure. Reliable.

What becomes easier with helix id?

Stay on top of the digital jungle.

Convenient proof of your identity for the digital realm.

All information that matters in one place and always by your side.

Simple and convenient login to online services without passwords.

Signing digital documents. Secure and simple payments.

Don’t worry about data protection ever again. Enjoy your digital life.

Strong partners are important to us

A vision that connects.

Trust becomes digital with helix id

We are committed to the protection of your privacy.

Protect what is yours

Organize and protect your data independently. Share it with others - or don’t. It is all up to you, because helix id hands you back control of your data. There is no disclosure of data with third parties. Privacy remains a private matter.

More than just an app - the new digital century starts now

For you to use your secure Digital Identity, we’ve implemented a marketplace for digital products and services. There you can use online services securely and without annoying passwords. You can also add trusted contacts which you can confidently communicate with.


Get your helix id in just a few steps.


Step 1

Download the app and enter your personal information.

Step 2

Verify your data just once.

Step 3

Done! Now you are in control of your Digital Identity.

helix id fulfills all 10 commandments
of secure and trusted Digital Identities


Users have an independent existence - they are never wholly digital.

Self determination

Users must have access and control to their own data - no gatekeepers.


must last for as long as the user wishes.


and open systems and algorithms.


should be as widely usable as possible.


Information and services about identities must be transportable by
the user.


Users must freely agree to how their identity information will be used.


Only the minimum amount of personal data needed should be granted.


The rights
of individual
users must be protected.

Data Erasure

An individual has the right and
power to be forgotten.

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Frequently asked questions

Your data in your hand. That is the principle of helix id. This means that you stay in full control of your personal information. With our blockchain-based app, your data is encrypted and stored on your smartphone. Your information only leaves the phone with your consent.

Additionally, your encrypted data is stored in a highly secure database to spare you from data loss.

We commit ourselves to transparency and openness with the handling of data.

On the one hand, we are legally obliged to offer you the best possible protection of your data as defined in the EU GDPR.

On the other hand, we don’t finance helix id through our users but companies. They use helix id services to access data that our users have consented to share. As you can see, we have no interest in passing on your data unlawfully!

We empower you to own your personal data. This is made possible by the use of blockchain technology. Your personal information is stored in a decentralised network and in a tamper-proof and secure manner.

Simply put: There is no central provider who can access your data. Only you are able to share it with others. Also, data on a blockchain cannot be tampered with. Your digital identity stays authentic and is equivalent to your real identity!

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is a new concept that users should have full control and management of their personal data independently. We follow this concept religiously.

You have full data sovereignty. Data sharing only happens with your consent.

With blockchain technology, helix id is able to securely store your personal information without revealing this to a central provider or anyone who you have not given consent. The enhanced security means that the information is stored in a tamper-proof manner. helix id allows you to stay in full control of your data. 

A one-time verification process allows you to reuse your authentic digital identity unlimitedly. All thanks to blockchain technology.

Another distinctive advantage of blockchain technology is its ability to create a network of digital trust. Since all helix id users verify their digital identity, you can be sure that whoever you are interacting with is trustworthy.

No. The helix id app is free of charge.

What type of data you need is dependent on what kind of service you’d like to use. If you want, for example, to book a car sharing service, you’ll have to verify your driver’s license. If you just want to chat with other helix id users, it’s enough to verify your basic data (name and email).

Yes. Enshrined in the GDPR (Article 17), the ‘right to be forgotten’ gives you the right to request that all your personal data is irrevocably deleted. 

This right is also part of the ten guidelines for secure and trustworthy digital identities which is an integral component of helix id.

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