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The trust factor is decisive for consumers' purchasing decisions. The higher the trust, the greater the willingness to spend money on a product. With the helix id marketplace, you strengthen your brand trust, increase your brand awareness and at the same time gain happy and loyal customers. The helix id marketplace offers:

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Convincing customers of a new product or service is never easy. Nowadays, new customers have to be addressed via multiple digital touchpoints and converted at the right time. At the same time, customers' demanding expectations remain: Constant accessibility, instant access, and a unique customer experience.

#1 The helix id marketplace with happy, verified users

helix id as a marketplace for services and products strengthens your company in multichannel interactions and an additional sales channel. A special feature of our marketplace is that every helix id user is already verified. This allows you to select your offer for a specific customer group. At the same time, the customer can directly pass on certain verified details such as age or address with their consent.

#2 Personal branding & higher conversion

Successful multichannel interactions with the customer leads to greater outreach in combination with personal branding. On the helix id marketplace, you can present yourself to potential new customers with your own personal branding and thus bring new customers directly to your app or website. Through the single sign-on „login with helix id“, all users automatically receive password-free access to every offer. For optimally satisfied and happy customers.

#3 Impressive Customer Experience

As a tech startup, we focus on the most current needs of end customers, enabling a unique state-of-the-art customer experience. You will benefit from this! As a pioneer in the field of Digital Identity, we combine personal control over your own data with maximum convenience.
Altogether, our partners benefit from happy customers, an innovative market and higher conversion.

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Who are we?

We are Blockchain HELIX, a German blockchain technology Start-up. Innovation, creativity & sustainability are at the core of what we do. We offer a Digital Identity solution for individuals and businesses - helix id. Join our trust ecosystem for Digital Identities.

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