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helix id is the new app for a safer digital future. We help you to protect your personal data, to move safely in the digital world and to have your personal information under your own control.

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Help us with your feedback to introduce new features and design the helix id marketplace together with us. You influence what kind of services and products we’ll offer.

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The 4 level challenge.

Get your helix id Innovator badge to show off your contribution: You are now an active and verified part of the community.

Reach the next level and you’ll get personalized invites to exclusive events.

Bug hunting rewards your technical skills. Find a certain amount of bugs and your bounty will be named after you.

The highest level brings you straight to the helix id event team. Make an impact on our topics and agendas for our future events.

How do I reach the different levels?

Find bugs. Suggest improvements. Recommend your favorite digital products.

1 bug + 2 features

2 features + 2 products

3 bugs at one blow

2 bugs + 2 features + 2 products

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