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A simple and secure
Digital Identity solution

A solution for trustworthy digital identities based on blockchain technology
in compliance with the highest data protection regulation (GDPR).

Initial User Onboarding

Experience convenience through unique, fast, cost-effective and secure verification of your customers.

Improved Data Quality

Since helix id users are
fully verified in advance, the quality of your customers data improves.

Regulatory Compliance

Do you have to ensure the legitimacy of your customers? Outsource KYC/AML to us and reduce your risk.

Blockchain makes it possible

Our Digital Identity solution uses leading-edge blockchain technology to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Easy Integration

helix id is immediately ready for use and easy to integrate into your business processes and it can be implemented in a cost-effective manner.

Access to a New Market

Benefit from our integrated marketplace with already verified users to increase the visibility of your product or digital service.

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Digital Identity Services

Be ready for the digital future with helix id. Our services can be individually selected and easily integrated.


Simple and secure registration procedure for your customers with "Login with helix id".


Every user on helix id will go through a KYC and AML check.


helix id makes use of eIDAS defined electronic signatures.


Trustworthy payment service combined with privacy and convenience.

Authada offers pioneering digital solutions for legally secure identification in real time.
The Blockchain Bundesverband promotes blockchain technology in Germany and represents the interests of all companies that want to promote new business models based on blockchain.
City Network is a European provider of robust, global open IT infrastructure services.
The provides the technical infrastructure as well as the legal framework for the future of the decentralized market economy based on blockchain technology.
Seal One is a solution for convenient and secure digital signatures.
Veriff offers smart and scalable identity verification.
Verband Sichere Digitale Identitäten (VSDI) (VSDI) is the nationwide network for companies, universities and research institutions that is driving the transformation from analogue to digital identities.

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