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Secure Digital Identity for every European citizen. helix id simplifies access to digital citizen services - without compromising on data security - which delivers:


According to the Online Access Act, German authorities have to digitize a majority of their services until the end of 2022. Prerequisite for that is a secure and simple digital authentication of German citizens. Previous attempts, such as the electronic ID card, didn’t achieve mass adoption. A user-friendly and simple access for citizens will be a decisive factor for the success of digital administration services - while also ensuring a high level of security and data protection.

#1 Increased acceptance of administrative services

helix id is able to facilitate the access to digital administration services. Through a mobile and agentless verification process or a smartphone and eID enabled, citizens can verify their digital identity. Once verified, the secure digital identity can be used to log in to administrative services – no repeated and manual entries of personal information needed.

#2 Data protection through revolutionary technology

Our blockchain-based solution protects the personal information of citizens: the encrypted data stays with the citizen. This reduces the risks of compromising data significantly. A great advantage over centralized data storage.

#3 End-to-end encryption and legally compliant data exchange

By means of blockchain technology, helix id combines the usability that citizens expect nowadays with the required legal compliance. All personal information is treated in accordance with the EU-GDPR. helix id offers every EU citizen a legally compliant digital identity which he can use to access administrative services continuously and hassle-free.

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