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The young crypto industry faces itself with new regulatory requirements. Since the beginning of 2020, companies that store crypto assets for others are categorized as financial service providers. This means that crypto businesses now have to implement KYC and AML audits for their onboarding - making it more costly for companies and burdensome for customers to register.

#1 User-friendly onboarding

Innovative crypto products and services require an innovative onboarding process. This is exactly what the helix id app offers: Via an agentless verification process, customers create a secure digital identity. With it, they can authenticate to your services seamlessly and securely. No repeated data entries or KYC checks needed.

#2 Regulatory compliance

helix id fulfills all regulatory requirements for a secure onboarding of your customers: With the legally compliant digital identity onboardings become a breeze. Reduce your regulatory risk by outsourcing KYC and AML checks to us. helix id also treats sensitive customer data according to the EU-GDPR and allows for qualified electronic signature as defined in eIDAS.

#3 Cost-efficient & time-saving

Design your onboarding time- and cost-efficiently – without having to compromise on usability or security. Take advantage of your blockchain-based solution and gain a competitive advantage while focussing on what really counts – your business.

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