No trade-offs between usability and regulation. Experience the advantages of the digital future with helix id:


Innovative and digital financial products are the future. Traditional financial products and services are being digitalized - with moderate success (on average, it takes 75 clicks to open up a bank account digitally). The expectations on the customer side are clear: Financial services have to be digitally and simply accessible, while offering an user-friendly customer experience. Regulatory requirements, however, make it difficult for financial institutions to fulfill the customers’ expectations.

#1 User-friendly Onboarding

Authenticate your customers securely and hassle-free. Take advantage of our seminal blockchain-based solution: Customers verify their personal information just once, providing a legally compliant digital identity. With helix id, there is no trade-off between regulatory compliance and usability.

#2 Cost-effective & eIDAS compliant KYC checks

We offer quick and cost-effective KYC and AML checks. Customers authenticate themselves conveniently via an agentless and one-time verification process. No repeated entries or KYC checks needed. Additionally, helix id allows for electronic signatures as defined in eIDAS.

#3 Secure data storage in accordance with the EU-GDPR

We treat sensitive customer data diligently in compliance with the EU-GDPR. By outsourcing regulatory risks to us, you gain more time and security. Now you can focus on what really counts – your business.

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