A digital healthcare system that works for both sides. helix id enables self-determination for the patient and data security for providers through:


The digitalization of Germany's healthcare system is progressing: at the beginning of 2021 an electronic health record (EHR) will be introduced. With the advent of the EHR, new data privacy concerns will emerge: The centralized storage of highly sensitive medical information holds potential risks and makes it difficult for the patient to stay in control of his data.

#1 Data protection & forgery proofing through revolutionary technology

As a blockchain-based digital identity, helix id offers secure data recording according to the EU-GDPR. Cryptographically secured and stored individually, the risk of compromising sensitive data is virtually impossible. Additionally, the medical records are stored in a forgery-proof manner: once collected, the data stays authentic and can be shared with trusted persons repeatedly.

#2 Data sovereignty for the patient

The first version of the EHR does not allow patients to share their medical data separately. This is where helix id comes into play: By storing data individually, it can be shared in pieces and as needed – authorized by the patient himself.

#3 Simple & secure handling of medical data

helix id enables patients to store their data conveniently and independently. For healthcare service providers, helix id presents a trust anchor. The tamper-proof medical data can be used confidently for treatments, diagnoses and prescriptions which reduces administrative costs and increases efficiency.

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