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Mobility service providers haved promised to simplify their customers’ lives with innovative and user-friendly services. However, cumbersome registration processes for the services are contradicting this claim - repeated and manual entries of personal data discourages customers to onboard. The result: Weak conversion rates and a tough acquisition of new customers in a highly competitive market.

#1 User-friendly Onboarding

With helix id, tedious and manual registrations are a thing of the past. Customers can log in to mobility services with just a few clicks via an in-app marketplace or via single sign-on functionality: A hassle-free and secure digital onboarding that increases conversion rates and improves the customer experience.

#2 helix id marketplace with verified users

Offer your services and products to an audience of potential customers via the integrated marketplace. Our special highlight: Users verify their data just once and can reuse it continuously, allowing for seamless 1-click logins and simple bookings of mobility services. Innovation meets comfort and security.

#3 Regulatory compliance

Save time and costs by outsourcing regulatory risks to us. We treat sensitive customer data in accordance with the EU-GDPR and offer KYC checks enabling AML compliant digital interactions. Together with helix, your company shapes its digital future whilst remaining legally compliant.

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