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Smart Home solutions require smart access. With helix id, you gain the trust of your customers through transparent and secure data handling.


In the German market, interest in innovative home technologies is growing. Consumers are well-informed about the opportunities of smart home solutions. However, consumers tend to have privacy concerns and are skeptical about self-contained platforms. Therefore, the challenge for smart home providers is to establish a relationship of trust to their customers.

#1 Secure access control with cross-platform authentications

Customers are able to authenticate themselves easily and securely via the helix id app. The agentless verification process makes any further and manual data entry redundant, enhancing the customer experience. Also, helix id offers cross-platform authentications – without a trade-off between usability and security.

#2 Data protection through revolutionary technology

Our blockchain-based digital identity solution is able to store the customers’ data individually and encrypted. This reduces the risk of data loss as well as fraudulent access to the home technologies significantly. The control over the data and the access stays with the customer at all times.

#3 Simple integration via standard interfaces

helix id is quick and easy to integrate into your systems. In cooperation with us, as a fast-growing company, we can help you to improve usability and security of your services and products. Set up your business for a successful digital future.

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